About The Network

The BTC Network offers high quality email publishers a way to monetize their membership list by like never before. Instead of relying on generic low yielding CPA ads or very low paying CPM ads, the BTC Network offers you high paying PPC (Price-Per-Click) ads with brand name advertisers that consumers like to click.

Why did we build this network?

We built is because we were high quality email publishers ourselves who saw the tremendous discrepancies between the high dollar PPCs the search engines were charging and the miniscule effective CPMs that were available to quality email lists. We have seen these ads outperform others regularly by 50-1000%. That is not a typo. By up to 1000%, with averages being 200-300%

Can any Email Publisher join?

Absolutely not. This is only for the best out there. You don’t have to necessisarily be big, just 100% direct registration. No junk mailers allowed. No permission passed data. Can Spam compliant is NOT good enough for us. If your email members don’t really know who you are, then this is not for you. We have great brands who are paying a lot for these clicks, so we only are accepting the best out there. BUT, if you have real members who like getting your emails, and might even miss you if your email didn’t show up, then we are a great match.

Unlimited Advertisers and Unlimited Targeting

The BTC Network has advertisers in literally thousands of categories and is able to target the ads to specific target groups within your lists, whether demographically, by interest, age or buying habits.

How it works

First you apply to have your list included. The application includes a detailed questionnaire of your list and mailing practices,

Initial Test:
Once approved, our mailing team works with you to determine which ad categories of the thousands of advertisers will likely work best with your list or lists.

Results analyzed:
After the test, the results are analyzed by several metrics to determine whether the list is a strong match for the advertisers. Additional tests may be run with other ad categories or other targeted groups

Upon successful tests, our Ad strategists will work closely with you in developing a regular campaign structure, whether it be monthly, weekly or even daily.

Real Time Reporting:
We offer Real Time Reporting to our publisher partners on clicks and next day reporting on revenue, so campaigns can be evalulated in real time

Quick Payments:
Nobody likes to be paid slowly, and we don’t think you should either.

We work with ACH, so your funds are wired right to your bank, so no waiting for checks to arrive and then clear. Payments will arrive within 30 days of the end of the previous month.

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